At Splash Editing we offer our proofreading and editing services to anyone requiring any form of written documentation to be perfected. This includes aspiring and published authors, publishing houses, freelance writers and bloggers, students, academics and more!


Proofreading is the very last form of ensuring that a document is ready to be published. It is a final check for any formatting, spelling and grammatical errors. If you have a document that you believe is ready for print, then a proofreader can carefully check it in thorough detail. A proofreader offers:

  • careful checking of spelling, typographical and punctuation errors;
  • consistent use of formatting styles and themes (i.e., styles used for headings and subheadings);
  • accurate cross-referencing and indexing;
  • consistent formatting and page layout (i.e., use of capital letters, paragraph format, indents, pagination, widow or orphan controls, table positions, page breaks).

Proofreading eliminates errors but it is not really editing in the true sense. Your original content remains unchanged except that only the errors have been removed and your content has been formatted ready for publishing.


Careful checking of spelling, typographical and punctuation errors.


Consistent use of formatting styles and themes.


Accurate cross referencing and indexing.


Consistent formatting and page layout.


Editing is much more substantive than proofreading. It aims to enhance the writing through offering suggestions and advising on style, structure, content and language. An editor understands your message and how to say it to your intended audience. It ensures that your writing is clear, articulate, uses consistent voice and tone and suggests additions, deletions or rewording where necessary. Editing essentially improves your document significantly. It’s like a second set of eyes – but they are professional eyes that sharpen and add zing to your message!

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