Let Splash Editing take the hard work out of your business or personal communications. We can write content for you or simply ensure that your current content is perfect and error-free. Check out our copywriting and copyediting services below.


“Copy” is professionally written content that advertises and promotes your agenda, values, goals, vision, products or services. A copywriter writes content on your behalf. They understands your needs, your message and your audience or clients and they put this into words that have impact.

Good copy is critical for businesses and organisations as it is the face of all public material for that entity. This usually might include your website, advertisements, brochures, flyers, reports, media statements and the like.

Good copy gets your product known – it establishes and builds your reputation and allows you to get noticed more easily. Marketing and branding heavily relies on good copy.

Great copy is important but for the online environment, having copy that is SEO (search engine optimised) and web optimised is essential. This type of copy means greater leads, exposure and gets your website and web media noticed!


If you already have written content, then a copyeditor can work with that and improve it. These improvements include checking formatting and pagination, ensuring clarity of language, identifying grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors and the consistent use of terms or themes. A copyeditor’s role is to improve the original content so that it reads well and has impact based on the client’s need.

At Splash Editing, we also can advise on how your content can be more SEO and web customisable so that your website can be more easily found and noticed.

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