Do you have a great story to tell but can’t find the right words? Or you simply don’t have the time to put pen to paper?
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We offer a comprehensive ghostwriting service.

Let us write your book (fiction or non-fiction), or your autobiography, or short story, or help you with a research article, or newsletter or any of your organisation’s documents.

Ghostwriters can write the whole story, or they can work together with you at any stage or help with sections of your work. In whatever capacity, you are attributed as the author. The ghostwriter is not.

Celebrities, politicians, sports stars, and people with great stories to tell commonly use ghostwriters to write their biographies, memoirs or the amazing events in their lives.

So, if you have a great story to tell or you’ve thought of a great novel to write, then let Splash Editing do the hard work for you. We will save you time, we’ll get the job done, and you’ll be assured that our writing is professionally written and edited.

What more could you want? So, go on and contact us today. We’ll be pleased to offer you a quote. We can, for a fee, provide you with a short sample of your story and then, if you’re happy we can proceed from there.

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