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One of our biggest strengths at Splash Editing is that we are experienced in academic writing and editing. Check out why, and how we can help students and academics more specifically here.

We are familiar with formatting and style requirements.

Academic editing and proofreading requires specialised skills. It is not as simple as just editing and proofreading alone (for definitions of these terms please click here). Academic editing and proofreading requires knowledge of formatting and language styles of the intended audience (i.e., specific requirements of a particular journal, academic publisher, or university). Many universities and specific fields of study have particular formats. At Splash Editing, we can format your thesis, book, journal article, etc., into the required format.

We are familiar with the major formatting styles, such as:

  • APA6th;
  • AMA;
  • CMS;
  • AGLC;
  • IEEE.
  • APA6th  100%
  • AMA 100%
  • CMS 100%
  • AGLC 100%
  • IEEE 100%

Regional Formatting – UK or US English.

We also can check that the writing adheres to the specific language convention according to geographic region (i.e., UK English or US English) of your intended audience or publisher.

English is not your first language.

Academic writing is difficult enough. But if English is your second, third or even fourth language, then it can be even more difficult. Let us take care of you and edit your work so that you can clearly communicate your ideas and research.

What does our service offer?

We check your academic work for proofreading and copyediting, including:

  • spelling, typographical and punctuation errors;
  • accurate cross referencing and indexing;
  • correct formatting of citation and reference lists;
  • consistent use of formatting styles and themes (i.e., styles used for headings and subheadings);
  • consistent formatting and page layout (i.e., use of capital letters, paragraph format, indents, pagination, widow or orphan controls, table positions, page breaks).

It is important to note, especially for your supervisor, that while we offer all of the above services, we will not advise or edit any content that might change your analyses or findings. We can make suggestions to improve your tone, voice, language and style for an academic audience but ultimately we leave that to discuss and approve between you and your supervisor.

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