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Splash Editing started as a passion and has quickly evolved into an exciting business. Our director began an academic career quite a few years ago after completing a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education and then a PhD in the social sciences. He has worked at two top universities in Melbourne as a lecturer and senior lecturer. He is also an associate member of IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) which is the national body that represents professional editors in Australia. During his years in academia, our director produced a number of publications (book chapters, journal articles, conference papers and an edited book). He served as a peer-reviewer for international and Australian journals and conference associations. He also held an editorial internship with Australia’s foremost and prestigious teacher education journal, the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education (APJTE). These experiences provided excellent refinement in the art of word making, design and editing. When asked by a friend to cast his eye over his friend’s business’ newsletter, he quickly identified errors and made some suggested improvements. The friend was impressed – so much so, that he asked our director to copyedit his entire business website and other documents. From then on, Splash Editing developed and we are thoroughly excited by the prospect of helping businesses, individuals, students, academics, authors and everyone else who communicates through the written word to succeed.

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