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Splash Editing provided a very prompt, accurate and concise service. The editing improved the quality of my thesis manifold and ‘cleaned’ it up immeasurably.  Highly recommended. R. Manning

Adam provided a great service on what was a very quick turnaround to get my thesis edited in time for submission. He kept me informed regularly through the process and provided support and advice relevant to academic writing as well as copywriting and editing work and some formatting improvements, which was great. He has a wealth of expertise and is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Adam highly and use him in future for other academic writing support though I am sure he would be equally adept with other prose/publication work. K. Mitchell

Thank you very much for the great edits on my thesis. Writing in good English is always a big challenge as a non-native speaker, but Splash Editing helped me a lot and I learnt many by reading how my writing was edited. I really appreciate all the encouraging words that I received from Adam at Splash Editing throughout the editing process, even from the first contact. It was so great that he emailed me that the editing was going well in the middle process of the editing. That gave me a big relief.
With a great support from Splash Editing at this final and toughest time of my PhD journey, I submitted the satisfactory thesis.
I would love to come back to Splash Editing for further works in my post-PhD process.

F. Noguchi

As a website designer, it is my duty to provide my clients with only the best. So, I always make sure I partner with businesses who share the same mission and vision. Splash Editing is our go-to Melbourne Copywriter. The quality of copywriting and editing along with their advice and professional service is always outstanding. What I also love about Splash Editing is their attention to detail. So, yes, I love Splash Editing and their copywriting and editing services. I would highly recommend them to anyone, who is looking for the best copywriting, proofreading or editing services in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia! E. Clarke


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Believe it or not but Splash Editing Melbourne has first-hand experience in academic writing and editing. Our director worked in academia!

We know the various academic styles (such as APA6th) and how to write academically – with formal language that is clear and concise.

We know how to make academic argument.


Now, let Splash Editing Melbourne help you give it that professional edge to GET YOU PUBLISHED!
We love working with words. They’re our passion! Our proofreading and editing services will be a perfect fit for you – whether it’s for the ebook or print market or both!


Our biggest difference.

Many copywriters may be great at promoting your product, website, club, etc., but even the smallest errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling can be distracting and off-putting for potential clients. This is why Splash Editing is unique in the copywriting market – we have experience in professional editing. This means that not only do we strive to write captivating and influential copy, we do it so that it reads articulately, is grammatically correct and error free. Be reassured that we are good at paying attention to the finer detail.

We get to know you.

You are not just any client. At Splash Editing, we take the time to get to know you and your needs. Whether you are a business needing your website to be designed or updated, or a PhD student needing your thesis proofread, we believe in communicating with you directly, one-on-one, so that we clearly understand exactly what your requirements are and those of  your audience. We care that you are satisfied with our service and we will work with you closely. We also don’t just stop after one revision of your work. We offer to revise and work with you (and revise again and again) until you are happy.

We’re friendly, approachable and personable.

We offer friendly, personable, competent and expert services to anyone or any entity that is in need of a professional touch. We actually love what we do and are happy to talk with you about our services. We are enthusiastic and passionate about words and the power they can have. So, let us get them working for you.

We understand language conventions and publishing formats.

We understand your audience and cater for them accordingly. We can ensure your words follow UK or US English language conventions as required. In regard to academic thesis editing, we follow the specific formal style required by your university and area of study (such as APA6th for the social sciences). We know how to correctly format citations and reference lists. In regard to fiction and non-fiction books, we can offer a comprehensive editing service that includes suggestions that will make your text more readable and interesting for the reader.


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At Splash Editing, we can help with all aspects of your communication needs across a variety of sectors including businesses, organisations, clubs and groups, as well as students, academics, authors and aspiring authors.

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